Michael, We have arrived in Guatemala City and the scenery is wonderful. It is hard to believe a country with such beauty has seen such horrific tragedy in the past years. The trees and mountains around here seem to have a lot of impact on the lustrious landscaping and help give amazing beauty to an area with seemingly so little going for it. I am happy to have come on this trip and \i am very excited to meet the people of the highlands and get to hear their stories personally.

Ashley, Well today the adventure begins! As with any country, customs seemed a bit intimidating initially when we arrived at the airport but we were greeted by Adriana without a hitch.  When we arrived in semilla, we got fresh water, yay!! chicken sandwhiches and pears!  I am so excited to begin our day of sightseeing and learning today.  Thus far everyone seems really nice and helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of colleagues to embark upon this with.  Hope everyone in the states is well and your enjoying a great weekend, I know we will!!  Behind every corner lies an interesting detail of Guatemalan life that I am excited to uncover and and untold story that I am anxious to hear.  We’ll be in touch soon, wish us luck!