We’ve landed and will now see how fast we can get through customs and to our gate. Game on. 


All aboard and healthy. Many looking forward to Cuban food in Miami airport, not to mention get back to KC.  

After a great breakfast in Xela at Xelapan, we will make our way to the Iximche ruins before arriving late back in Guatemala City at SEMILLA

A 2mph sidescrap left us stuck in the middle of another interesting situation. Both Police and Press arrived and hopefully there will be a good resolution. The other driver refused to backup on a tight curve (necessary on these mountain roads) but kept pushing ahead. No bias here ;).

Posole is what this restaurant is known for (hominy and chicken soup). The downtime today clearly refreshed and energized the group. Some will be participating in a big hike (Vega del Volcan) tomorrow and we will all end up at the ecotourist cabin where we will be for two days. 

We had our spirits and minds thoroughly moved, confused, focused, questioning, etc., by the sharing of the Mam community in San Miguel Ixhatuacán about the issues surrounding gold and silver mining in this area. Water pollution of rivers via cyanide poisoning (part of production process), the “killing of the earth” through fracking, mass removal of mountains, and the ways in which labor, cultural, and community relations are being changed by outsiders from North America (in this case Goldcorp in Canada). One comment made by our group looking down the enormous bowl in the land was that “this looks like a mass grave, a holocaust of the earth”. In this part of the trip, students are clearly sending the realities of structural violence within these Mam communities. 

After two meaningful days of connection with the Ixil people, university, campesinos, youth, and host families, we are on our way to Zunil for a dip in the springs and a grand lunch. Without showers for two days and sharing twin beds, you can imagine the memories being made and excitement to clean up. Our hike through Salquil yesterday was magnificent, hopefully many will be sharing pictures and videos with you via other social media.